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The Importance of Monitoring Weather for Construction Jobsite Safety & Success

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November 20, 2023 | Posted by MICRO

Inclement weather can be detrimental to the timeline and efficiency of construction projects. Mild sunny days with no rain allow progress to continue, while thunderstorms, excessive heat and humidity, and high winds can stall or stop operations. The KestrelMet 6000 is a highly reliable and accurate cellular weather station that can help construction owners, operators, and managers better prepare for weather events that impact the job.

Improve Efficiency & Minimize Risk with Hyper-Local Weather Data

How can the KestrelMet 6000 help make the job easier for construction professionals? You’ll find that this durable, portable weather station is an incredible weather monitoring tool for:

  • Planning for the most efficient day-to-day operations: staff scheduling, resource management, purchasing of protective materials, and communication to clients for weather-related updates.
  • Documenting data to show delays in work progress and scheduling changes.
  • Implementing weather-related safety precautions for OSHA and other industry guidelines.
  • Preparing for potential heat illness or heat stress conditions to take necessary precautions.

Keep reading to learn why the KestrelMet is the best choice for construction jobsite monitoring and can it help you manage weather-related risks and increase safety and compliance.

Why The KestrelMet 6000 is Ideal for Jobsites

The KestrelMet 6000 Cellular Weather is ideal for the construction industry due to its rugged build, quick set up, cellular communication, and competitive price:

  • Rugged: Built tough to withstand season after season of harsh outdoor conditions, the KestrelMet is solar powered and comes equipped with a backup battery for a long-lasting and low-maintenance system.
  • No-Fuss Installation: This robust, plug-and-play weather station comes pre-configured for fast and easy installation.The entire set up takes less than 20 minutes from start to finish with no wiring required.
  • Cellular Communication: Monitoring the weather in harsh or hazardous conditions can be a challenge, especially on remote sites where there is limited power available. No need to worry about Wi-Fi connectivity interruptions. You can count on dependable weather data, even in remote locations.
  • Low-Cost Data Plan: When it comes to price and value, there’s no other commerical-grade weather station available that can compete. The KestrelMet not only boasts a durable long-lasting design, but comes with a low-cost data plan with the first year FREE.

Complete On-site Weather Monitoring with the KestrelMet 6000

KestrelMet 6000 Wind GustsConstruction managers and contractors plan their operations based on weather forecasts. However, relying on weather forecasts alone has limitations. Weather forecasts provide general predictive information for a large area but can be highly inaccurate when it comes to location-specific weather at a construction site. Weather risks can only be managed effectively by measuring the actual conditions at the jobsite.

The KestrelMet 6000 Cellular Weather Station measures the site-specific weather from the job location. This hyper-local weather monitoring results in the most accurate data available to make decisions that relate to the success of your project.

In addition to accurate measurements, the KestrelMet 6000 is solar-powered with a back up battery and comes equipped with reliable cellular communication for monitoring at remote locations where Wi-Fi service isn’t available. The KestrelMet 6000 also includes a low-cost cellular data plan –with the first year FREE — to connect your station to the online monitoring dashboard or the app.

Remotely View Jobsite Data & Document Conditions

The KestrelMet has a cloud-based portal and user-friendly app for viewing, managing, and documenting jobsite conditions. With mobile access to your weather station data, you’re able to conveniently check in on conditions from anywhere— the office, vehicle, another project site, or home. You can also set up custom text or email alerts for when thresholds exceed desired parameters, keeping you in-the-know at all hours.

“We are constantly viewing the data on our phones or iPads, and we can see real-time data as it’s happening and make decisions within the hour whether we can keep progressing with work. We are not losing days of construction from taking gambles on far away weather data.”
—Quality Control Manager, Shames Construction

Weather can impact stakeholders through various ways including delays, material waste, and worker injuries, resulting in potential legal repercussions. Proper documentation helps provide proof of compliance and can protect construction companies from litigation and liability.

“The inclusion of specific language concerning the calculation of permissible delays…which weather conditions constitute an excusable delay, have been shown to reduce the number of delay disputes that arise in a project.

[Weather] events like lightning and high winds pose significant threats to workers, slow worker productivity, or require work stoppages, but proper planning and coordination can mitigate risk.”

MDPI (2021) Weather-Related Construction Delays in a Changing Climate: A Systematic State-of-the-Art Review; Steven J. Schuldt * , Mathew R. Nicholson, Yaquarri A. Adams II and Justin D. Delorit; Graduate School of Engineering and Management, Air Force Institute of Technology.

KestrelMet Weather Station App Features

  • View current conditions at the jobsite along with hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts.
  • Set up text or e-mail alerts for temperature, wind, rainfall, and other elements, to be notified when conditions exceed the designated threshold.
  • Access historical weather data with easy-to-read charts and graphs. Easily create reports for compliance purposes or to defend against litigation.
  • Check power and connectivity status with convenient indicators for battery level and cellular signal strength.

Easy Installation on Construction Sites

“We currently have it installed on top of a work trailer. It was easy to place there, and we can easily see it when entering the job site.”
– Quality Control Manager, Shames Construction

Placing the KestrelMet 6000 Cellular Weather Station on a rooftop makes it easy to collect data while you’re on the job. The weather station has easy access to wind and sunlight, and it can detect other elements such as relative humidity.

Keep in mind that the KestrelMet 6000 has multiple mounting options. You can choose between the Mono Mount Kit or Tripod Mount Kit. The Tripod is best suited for a flat area such as a flat roof or flat terrain, while the Mono Mount is for a pitched or flat surface and a vertical surface.

Incredibly easy to set up and install, choosing the KestrelMet 6000 for your job site offers you an advantage against the elements. With weather acting as such an important contributing factor to the timeline and the bottom line in construction, it’s critical to have a KestrelMet 6000 weather station you can depend on for optimal decision-making.

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