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MICRO Commercial Energy Audit Certification

Certified "Commercial" Energy Auditors are responsible for reducing millions of tons of wasted energy in complex commercial facilities and small business offices. There are only a few training companies like MICRO that certify Energy Auditors in the Hi-Demand field of Commercial Energy Auditing.

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MICRO Commercial Energy Audit Certification
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  • MICRO Commercial Energy Audit Certification

Get Certified From a Leader in the Industry!

In order to be successful in the Commercial Energy Auditing field, you need to learn a proven system and methodology. Armed with your new knowledge from our unique training system, you will receive your Commercial Energy Auditor Certification from 2 of the Top Accreditation companies in the country. Micro is the online leader in energy audit training.

These certifications are valid in all 50 states and we are quickly becoming one of the most recognized and sought after certifications. Your Energy Auditor Certification is also accredited from the Energy Efficiency Association which is a very prestigious distinction. That is because the Association has very strict guidelines on how to educate and train individuals as Energy Auditors. When you purchase the Commercial Energy Training program, you will also receive access to our Commercial Testing Center where you will take your certification exam.

The certification costs are included in your purchase, so you don't have to pay extra for your certification. Our testing center is secure and very easy to use. Shortly after you enroll in the Commercial Energy Audit program, you will receive a 'welcome email' from our secure testing center. Your email will contain a link to our secure testing facility where you will take the proctored Commercial Auditor Exam. In addition to the link you will also receive a personal login and password. Your login and password are valid for 90 days (if you need more time, just send us an email).

The commercial certification exam is 100 questions and you will have 2 hours to complete it. This exam can be taken "open-book" so you will want to have your training modules handy. We recommend that you also have a calculator, pen or pencil, scratch paper on hand to ensure you can do the computations asked of you during the commercial energy auditor examination.

Your course purchase includes:10-Part Commercial Energy Audit Training:

  • Your purchase gets you all 10 training modules that teach you how to perform commercial energy audits and reduce wasted energy.

Commercial Energy Auditor Certification:

  • Your purchase includes the Commercial Energy Auditor Certification that you can show your clients and proves that you are highly trained and skilled in energy efficiency.

Commercial Energy Audit Software:

  • Your purchase includes the Commercial Energy Software which is packed with the contracts, spreadsheets, and reports. Each document is delivered to you in electronic format in either MS-Word or MS-Excel so you can modify it to fit your exact business needs. This ensures you receive all the tools you need to do a Commercial Energy Audit and be successful.

Energy Auditor Marketing Tools:

  • Your purchase includes essential marketing materials such as door hangers and flyers. You also receive the professional appearance package with business cards, envelopes, and more.