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Since 2006
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Why become a MICRO member?

You don’t have to be trained by MICRO to take advantage of the benefits of membership. Consider the following reasons why you’ll want to become a MICRO Member:

Professional Recognition

With a MICRO membership, you will be recognized on a National level as a Mold Professional and affiliated with a leading authority in the Mold Inspection, Testing and Remediation Industry – MICRO. By becoming MICRO Certified you immediately demonstrate to your clients that you are up to date on cutting edge training and technology in the mold industry.

Customer Referrals

MICRO members’ information will be posted on our consumer website Thousands of homeowners and businesses browse our site looking for qualified professionals in your area and count on MICRO to provide only the best inspectors and remediators to the general public.

Professional Support

All MICRO Members have direct toll-free access to our instructors when you need assistance on an inspection or remediation job. MICRO membership gives you direct access to some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry.

Discounts on Equipment

Every Mold Inspector and Mold Remediator wants to receive the best deal on equipment to cut business costs. As a MICRO Member we guarantee the lowest prices.

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MICRO Logo Usage

As a MICRO Member we encourage you to use the MICRO logo to show your clients you have joined the leading Mold Organization in the industry. Also, by displaying this logo you will demonstrate to your competition that you are up to date on the latest findings and techniques as a mold inspector and/or remediator.

Insurance Program

As a MICRO Mold Inspector or Remediator you have access to the most competitive Insurance program available.

Discounts on Lab Services

MICRO Members receive discounts on laboratory services offered by Hayes Lab, a microbiology laboratory specializing in direct samples, tape lift mold test kits, air quality analysis via Air-O-Cells and other mold testing techniques.  As a MICRO member they will analyze 5 spore trap or direct samples at no charge!

Website Services

We’ve partnered with the talented team at EZ Home Inspection Software to create custom website designs exclusively for MICRO members.

MICRO members receive $100 off the setup cost on any new website.