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MICRO wants to keep you up to date with information pertinent to your interests on indoor air quality and specifically what's happening in the mold industry.

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September 25, 2023 | Posted by MICRO

Types of Air Pollutants

Indoor air quality is vital to human health. Having high-quality indoor air helps humans live, breathe and work better.

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July 8, 2023 | Posted by MICRO

Air Purifier vs. Air Scrubber: Which Is Right for You?

As air pollution is a rising problem in today’s society, it is essential for our health and wellbeing that the air we breathe be of a high standard.

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May 30, 2023 | Posted by MICRO

Clean Air in Buildings Challenge

The “Clean Air in Buildings Challenge” is a call to action and a set of guiding principles and best practices to assist building owners and operators with reducing risks from airborne viruses and other contaminants indoors.

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