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Texas prohibits a person from engaging in mold assessment or remediation, as defined in the law and regulations, unless that person holds a license from the state. The law prohibits license holders (except those employed by school districts) from performing both mold assessment and mold remediation on the same project. It establishes certain minimum work practices and record-keeping requirements for licensed mold assessors and remediators. The law requires the Board of Health to adopt rules governing the licensing program, including minimum performance standards and training requirements (25 Texas Admin. Code 295.301-295.338).

The law authorizes the board to adopt rules that facilitate reciprocity and communication with other states that have a similar licensing program. It directs the Department of Health to administer the program, and requires the department to investigate complaints regarding mold-related activities. The law also provides for administrative and civil penalties and requires the department to conduct a statewide education and outreach program on IAQ and mold.