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Enviroguard MaxGuard™ - 5 Gal

MaxGuard is an opaque white protective coating. It contains a durable, leach resistant EPA registered antimicrobial to guard against and protect the coating surface from mold, mildew, odor-causing microorganisms, black fungal staining and bacterial and fungal slime films on the coating surface*.

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MaxGuard is an opaque white protective coating. It contains a durable, leach resistant EPA registered antimicrobial to guard against and protect the coating surface from mold, mildew, odor-causing microorganisms, black fungal staining and bacterial and fungal slime films on the coating surface*. Since these materials are built into the molecular structure of the coating, they won’t wash off or wear away.


Product Overview:

MaxGuard is designed to be used on most surfaces in residential, commercial and institutional applications. Its proprietary resin technology produces a durable, abrasion and stain resistant, washable surface. In addition, MaxGuard forms a chemical and abrasion resistant surface while meeting ASTM D5590-00, D3273, D3274 and G-21 requirements for fungal resistance*. It meets current LEED IEQ Credit 4.2 VOC requirements (LD-50) and requires no respiratory protective equipment during application. MaxGuard is a unique technology that is water-based, formaldehyde free, safe & easy to use. For a general description of the typical chemical and physical properties refer to the Material Safety and Data Sheet.


Product Attributes:

Based upon durable acrylic polymer and ceramic technology for a long service life • Anionic coating provides a hard, mar resistant finish that will reduce dirt pick up • Has excellent water resistance and will not blush once fully cured • Specially formulated with select EPA registered antimicrobial additives to provide long term protection against odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew on its surface* • Ideal for use in attics, walls, basements, crawl spaces, supports, poured concrete slabs/foundations or on those compatible surfaces where mold remediation has already occurred • Can be used over a variety of surfaces such as bare wood, masonry, brick, block walls, stucco, pre-formed concrete, plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, painted surfaces, gypsum (wall board), and metal • Easy to clean and highly resistant to staining caused by chemicals, mold or mildew • Non-hazardous to apply and use • Can be used for industrial, commercial, residential, hospital and school applications.


*Treated Articles Exemption - This product contains an EPA registered antimicrobial to protect the coating from non-public health fungi and odor-causing bacteria. No public health claims are being made.


Environmental & Safety Benefits:

Non Toxic (aquatic & human) • Non-Flammable • Phosphate Free • Biodegradable • Contains No Hazardous Ingredients •No Petroleum Distillates • No Glycol Ethers • No Alkalies • Non-Corrosive • VOC Compliant • Bio-based ingredients NPE-Free • Fragrance Free (no added perfumes)


Storage & Green Disposal:

  • Product Storage: Store in original, tightly closed containers above (40° F) in a secure area, inaccessible to children.

  • Product Disposal: Wastes resulting from the use of this product may be disposed of onsite.

  • Container Disposal: Triple rinse (or equivalent). Offer for recycling or reconditioning. Contact your local recycling or reconditioning facility for instructions.

Application And Safety Protocol:

Do not dilute prior to use. Stir well. Apply only to clean, dry surfaces. Ensure that all surfaces are free of all wax, grease, oil, dirt, rust, mold and other surface contaminants. Do not apply to surfaces with greater than 20% moisture content or surfaces having a temperature of less than 40°F. Weathered wood substrates need to be sanded down to a sound surface. On painted surfaces, remove all flaking, loose or chalking material. Sand all glossy painted surfaces using 220-grit sandpaper to roughen the entire area. If thinning is necessary, MaxGuard can be diluted with up to one quart of water.


Apply evenly to wooden surfaces at the rate of 160 ft/gal (unconditioned spaces) and up to 320 ft/gal (conditioned spaces within the building envelope) until a uniform film remains on the surface. Spraying or brushing will give the smoothest surfaces. For optimum performance maintain uniform recommended coverage. To assure the aesthetic appearance, apply

product to a small test area prior to complete application. Not recommended for use on floors in high traffic areas.


Spray Equipment:

MaxGuard can be applied with virtually any type of airless spray equipment on the market today. Reversible cleaning 0.017” to 0.019” spray tips are recommended for optimum application.