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Inspection Equipment Kits

Start your mold career the economical way with one of our professional inspection packages. The right equipment to start your inspection business right away. Don't see the equipment you want in your kit? Let us know and we'll be happy to customize a kit just for you.

Micro Economy Inspection Kit


(Member Price: $874.48)

Micro Deluxe Inspection Kit


(Member Price: $1,476.42)

Tramex Ltd. HIPP3 Hygro-i Probe - Pack of 3


(Member Price: $269.62)

Micro Ultimate Inspection Kit


(Member Price: $2,601.07)

Extech/Flir MO280-KW Water Damage Restoration Kit


(Member Price: $426.80)

Extech/Flir MO280-KH Home Inspector Kit


(Member Price: $218.25)

Tramex WDZK5.1 Water Damage Restoration EZ Kit


(Member Price: $859.95)

Tramex CMK5.1 Concrete Inspection Master Kit


(Member Price: $1,659.95)

Tramex EIK5.1 EIFS Inspection Kit


(Member Price: $2,152.04)

Tramex FZK5.1 Flooring Inspection EZ Kit


Tramex F1K5.1 Flooring Inspection Kit


(Member Price: $1,047.56)

Tramex FMK5.1 Flooring Master Kit


Tramex PCK5.1 Pest Control Professional Kit


(Member Price: $843.86)

Tramex PTMK5.1 Professional Wood Kit


(Member Price: $426.76)

Tramex PTMZK5.1 Professional Wood EZ Kit


(Member Price: $436.46)

Tramex PTMMK5.1 Professional Wood Master Kit


(Member Price: $581.96)

Tramex RIK5.1 Roof Inspection Kit


Tramex RMK5.1 Roof Master Kit


Tramex WDIK5.1 Water Damage Restoration Inspection Kit


(Member Price: $1,280.36)

Tramex WDMK5.1 Water Damage Restoration Master Kit


(Member Price: $1,794.46)

Amphenol Thermometrics BLD8800-C-R Restoration Kit


(Member Price: $1,171.72)

Amphenol Thermometrics BLD5905 Technician's Kit


(Member Price: $1,047.56)

Extech PH150-C ExStik® Concrete pH Kit

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