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(Seattle, Washington) - - Micro, the leading educational and certification company for the training of professionals in the science of mold detection and mold remediation work in the United States has been acquired by (RWE Micro, Inc.) whose other assets include an on-line and classroom education organization. Both companies are private and the value of the transaction was not disclosed.

According to Robert Ederer, President/CEO of RWE Micro, Inc., “Micro fits perfectly into our strategy of offering business and individuals an exceptional way to increase worker skills and knowledge online, through self-study, and in classroom workshops and seminars. Micro’s programs add to our over 2,000 courses by offering the best Nationally recognized curriculum that trains contractors, property managers, and home and building inspectors to be certified mold inspectors (CMI) and/or certified mold remediation contractors (CMRC).

“The presence of mold in the structures we live and work in has been identified as a key issue in causing certain allergies and immune responses. National and state building codes are increasingly incorporating certain mold inspection requirements into the code system. The National Association of Realtors named mold as the “hot topic” in 2005. Micro programs educate and certify that its constituent’s have been fully educated in the science of mold detection and/or mold remediation and are capable of rendering expert opinions or services with regard to the presence of mold,” according to Michael Schatz, President of Environix, a mold remediation contractor.

“The flooding from Katrina in the south and the floods in California from excessive rainfall has increased the demand for mold detection services”. “At this time, there are not enough professional inspectors to meet the increasing demand for inspectors”, according to Mr. Schatz. “With this acquisition, Micro is uniquely positioned to increase its on-line and geographic classroom capabilities to meet the emerging demands”, said Mr. Ederer.

About Micro Located in Seattle Washington and organized in 2003, MICRO, a Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization, is the industries leading supplier of Mold Training and Mold Equipment. Through Micro training programs over 1400 people have become Certified Mold Inspectors and/or Certified Mold Remediation Contractors. Whether you are looking to grow your existing inspection or contracting business, or venture out on your own into the hot mold field, MICRO has the solutions for you.

RWE Acquisitions, Inc. dba Discover U and RWE Micro, Inc., Headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Since 1992, these organizations have provided lifelong learning and career change opportunities to their customers. Over 12,000 people a year take work skills courses, or courses simply to change their careers.

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