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Flir Elevated Skin Temperature Screening Course

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Flir Elevated Skin Temperature Screening Course
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  • Flir Elevated Skin Temperature Screening Course

Elevated skin temperature screening uses thermal imaging to measure the surface temperature of a person’s inner eye to detect signs of a fever.  While infrared cameras cannot detect fevers or viruses, they are used to help prevent the spread of communicable conditions by identifying individuals who may have a high skin temperature. These readings can then be used to initiate secondary screening, if needed, to verify whether the subject in fact has a fever.

It is important to note that the user will have to facilitate camera set up protocol to allow the camera to correctly screen the subjects.  This course will cover the setup and operation of several camera models, as well as explain how Infrared Science applies to ESTTM, and best practices for obtaining optimal results when screening for elevated skin temperature.  Students completing the course and passing the knowledge check will be issued an ITC Certificate of Completion.


FLIR recommends a minimum 320x240 resolution for elevated skin temperature screening.  This course specifically references the following models:

T10xx Series, T8xx Series, T5xx Series, Ex5 Series, A400 and A700 Series Cameras.

If you are unsure if your infrared camera can be used for EST purposes, please contact your local FLIR distributor, or FLIR technical support at

Estimated Length: 4 hours