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Dri-Eaz F259 Ace® TurboDryer

High airflow, low amps, six different operating positions? The Ace is an airmover multi-tool! Ideal for drying carpets and floors, general ventilation and flood-damaged structures.

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Dri-Eaz F259 Ace® TurboDryer
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  • Dri-Eaz F259 Ace® TurboDryer

In the ISDT Age, you need the airmover that can do everything: you need the Ace! The Ace TurboDryer is the newest in a long line of airmover innovations from Dri-Eaz. It takes all of the lessons learned over the last thirty years of restoration and combines them into the ultimate airmover design.

Unique 6-position versatility of the Ace means you can use it on a wider variety of air moving tasks than ever before. Use the Ace on drywall, hardwood floors, sub-floors, baseboards, ceilings, or any type of building materials and structures.

Use the Ace to pull air out of crawlspaces and establish a negative pressure. The negative pressure will draw clean, heated air from other parts of the structure into the crawlspace and keep contaminant from being drawn into clean areas of the structure.

The Ace's combination of low amp draw and high airflow allows you to assemble the most effective drying system possible so that structures dry fast, which is good news. Shorter drying times make for satisfied customers. It also means that you're ready to accept more jobs per year, and the 7-position versatility of the Ace means you can use it on a wider variety of work than ever before. The Ace breaks the profit barrier!


  • Very low amp draw
  • Six position versatility for handling a wide range of applications
  • Dry structures fast with 1800 actual CFM
  • Turn or tilt on non-skid rubber feet to switch operating positions
  • Compact design that's stackable for operation and storage
  • Ideal for structural drying, carpet cleaning, ventilation and more!