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Flir T198583 Flir Tools/Tools+ Reporting Software

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Flir T198583 Flir Tools/Tools+ Reporting Software
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  • Flir T198583 Flir Tools/Tools+ Reporting Software

IR Reporting Software for generating comprehensive inspection and research reports.


FLIR Tools:

  • Import, search, filter, and view FLIR JPEG images directly from your FLIR handheld camera via USB cable or by downloading from the imager’s SD card
  • Edit radiometric images to thermal tune level and span, change the palette, or adjust parameters such as emissivity, reflective temperature, and more
  • Add measurement tools – spots, area boxes, circles, lines, Delta T
  • Add text annotations and edit image descriptions
  • Create professional PDF image sheets and reports
  • Edit MSX images and “Sketch on IR/Visual” images
  • Display stored compass and GPS information

FLIR Tools + (additionally):

  • Pair and group FLIR thermal images and digital photos independent of when or how the separate images were originally captured
  • Stitch FLIR IR images (including MSX™) to create Radiometric Panorama
  • Record and replay thermal video sequences, create a temporal plot with the recording, and export the sequence to AVI
  • FLIR Tools+ merges the power of FLIR Reporter with improved speed, allowing you to create reports 50% faster