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Protimeter BLD7800 Psyclone Thermo Hygrometer

The Protimeter Psyclone is a highly durable and functional hand held thermo-hygrometer designed to measure relative humidity and temperature in a wide range of environments and applications.

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Protimeter BLD7800 Psyclone Thermo Hygrometer
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  • Protimeter BLD7800 Psyclone Thermo Hygrometer

When measuring humidity and temperature in a range of different environments, it is essential that you have an instrument that responds quickly to those changes. The Psyclone thermo-hygrometer not only responds quickly, it also measures a variety of parameters:

  • Percent relative humidity (% RH)
  • Temperature
  • Grains per pound (GPP)
  • Gram/kilograms (g/kg)
  • Dew point temperature (°F or °C)
  • British thermal units/pound (BTU/lb)
  • Wet bulb temperature (°F or °C)
  • Parts per million by weight (ppmw)
  • Kilocalorie/kilogram (Kcal/kg)
  • Surface temperature (°F or °C)
  • Surface proximity to dew point (°F or °C)


  • Fast response saves time when making multiple measurement in changing environments.
  • High accuracy across range provides reliable measurements in changing environmental conditions.
  • Long lasting calibration reduces downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Multiple automatic psychometric calculations eliminates tedious chart lookups saving time and reducing errors.
  • Quick intuitive interface simplifies operation.
  • Large easy to read backlit LCD display for easy viewing.
  • Durable design with rubberized grip protects against shock and provides easy handling.

Flood Damage Restoration
Accurately measuring the atmospheric conditions during building dry down is key to ensuring drying equipment is used efficiently. Psyclone rapidly responds to changes in humidity and temperature while calculating the specific humidity readings to reduce errors and save time. During hot air drying, Psyclone also calculates enthalpy to maximize equipment performance.

Building Surveys
Psyclone is ideal for condensation risk assessment and diagnosis applications. Using the optional surface temperature sensor, the meter can display actual surface temperature and dew point temperatures. This feature determine whether a moist surface is due to condensation or other sources. For example, negative temperature differences confirm condensation, whereas positive differences confirm condensation is not occurring.

HVAC/R System Validation
Psyclone is specifically designed with time saving features for the HVAC technician or building maintenance professional concerned with HVAC performance validation. Using the percent relative humidity (% RH) and temperature measurements as inputs, Psyclone calculates the necessary derived psychometric parameters, such as enthalpy, dew point, and wet bulb temperatures needed to assess and troubleshoot the performance and energy efficiency of any HVAC system.