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North 7581P100LHW OV/P100 Combo Filter (2 Cartridges)

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North OV/P100 Combo Filter. Approved for respiratory protection against mists of paints, laquers, and enamels; organic vapors; dusts, fumes, and mists having a time weighted average less than .05 milligram per cubic meter; radon daughters attached to these dusts, fumes, and mists; asbestos containing dusts and mists; radionuclides; pesticides.

NOT to be used for protection from paints containing isocyanate or against fumigants. Specifications: Organic Vapor, Highly Toxic Particulate, Paint, Laquer and Enamel Mist/P100 combination cartridge. For use with North 5000 & 7000 masks.

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