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Omnitec Design ODIUVCM1200 UV-C Germicidal Light

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The module attaches easily to the supply side of the negative air machine. It uses its own power supply which permits the unit to continue to eradicate harmful substances after the flow of air has been switched off. This insures that no live bacteria or viruses remain in the HEPA. For safety of operation there are two interlock power switches. The primary filter must be properly seated and the unit securely attached to the air scrubber for the module to operate.

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The UV Module uses two 10½” ’J’ style High Intensity UV-C/V Lights mounted within a reflective aluminum case. For the optimum eradication operate the air scrubber in the lowest airflow setting. This increases the “dwell time” that the contaminates are exposed to the UV-C radiation.

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