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IAQ Air ParticleScan Pro

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The ParticleScan Pro is an advanced 6-channel laser particle counter with a detection range of 0.3 to 30 microns. With its 0.025 cfm flow rate it is particularly suitable for the measurement of airborne particle concentrations in normal and polluted indoor and outdoor environments.

The ParticleScan Pro has an internal 14’366 data point memory and is fully network compatible with remote access via built-in web-server. It also features a USB port for direct connection to PC.


  • Indoor Air Quality
    • Monitor indoor and outdoor particle concentrations
    • Automated logging of particle concentrations
    • Track particulate pollution sources
    • Evaluate effectiveness of pollution control measures
    • Spot-check particulate pollution levels at the workplace
    • Distinguish between coarse and fine particle sources
  • Product Evaluation & Demonstration
    • Show efficiency of air filters, air cleaners & vacuum cleaners
    • Inspect HVAC equipment & ducting
    • Research
    • Product Evaluation & Demonstration
    • Determine fractional efficiency of air cleaning devices
    • Monitor long-term particle trends

Supplied Accessories:

  • Transport case for field use
  • Isokinetic probe for accurate sampling
  • Purge filter for cleaning & zero calibration
  • Mains power adaptor / NiMH battery charger
  • CD-ROM with Communication Software & USB drivers

Price: $3495.00

(Member Price: $3,390.15)

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