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Lignomat D-0 Mini-Ligno DX Moisture Meter

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The multi-purpose DX is designed for home inspectors, architects, contractors, painters and home owners to measure moisture in wood and soft building materials such as sheetrock, plaster and gypsum.

The functionally designed mini-Ligno DX fits in your hand when measuring and is small enough to carry in a shirt-pocket. The green cap covers the pins during transportation and serves as a handle when pushing the pins into the wood. This unique design allows pushing behind the entire meter to insert the tapered pins easily. Longer pins are stored inside the meter for measuring thicker material. The short pins are ideal for surface or end cut readings and for veneer.


  • Measuring Range: Wood 5-65% dependent upon species setting*, Gypsum 0-7.5%
  • Resolution: 0.1% for values below 10% and 1% steps above 10%
  • Species Corrections: 40 settings for wood species corrections with chart for domestic and tropical species including bamboo
  • Reference Scale: 0-99 for non-wood building materials
  • Calibration Check: The calibration is internally checked and automatically adjusted if necessary
  • Pins: 2 pair of pins, measuring depth of 3/16" and 7/16" (5,10mm)
  • Size: Pocket-size 2 3/4"x 5"x1" (70x140x25mm)
  • Weight: 8 ounces (200g), made out of high-impact plastic
  • Accessories: Wrist strap and pouch, one 9V battery and 2 pair of pins

Price: $174.95

(Member Price: $169.71)

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