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Zefon Endotoxin Free Cassette, 37mm

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Endotoxins are associated with Gram-negative bacteria and more commonly Gram-negative Bacilli bacteria. Gram-negative bacteria is found almost anywhere in nature. Their toxins are found within the outer layer membrane of the gram-negative bacteria. They do not have to be living therefore both viable and non-viable gram-negative bacteria have similar effects.

The most common routes to endotoxin exposure are through inhalation and through intestinal tract absorption through food or water. The health effect of endotoxins vary depending on the individual, dosage and route of exposure. Elevated airborne concentrations are prevalent in sewage treatment plants, swine operations, cotton textile mills, poultry houses and in mold contaminated buildings.

Zefon sterile endotoxin free cassettes are specially manufactured to ensure there is no background interference when sampling endotoxins. Each lot is carefully checked and verified by independent laboratories for endotoxins before product is released for shipment.


  • 0.45µm Polycarbonate Filter
  • 37mm Styrene Housing
  • Sterilized by Irradiation
  • Endotoxin Free

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