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Extech/Flir MO280-KW Water Damage Restoration Kit

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Specifically designed for water damage restoration contractors. Monitor job site conditions, progress, and insurance company reporting.

This kit includes:

Model MO280 Pinless Moisture Meter

  • Select from 10 different wood types
  • Displays %moisture from 0 to 99%
  • Measurement depth to 0.75" (22mm) below the surface

Model MO210 Pocket Moisture Meter

  • 3-1/2 digit LCD display with bargraph
  • Measures wood moisture from 6 to 44%
  • Measures building material moisture from 0.2 to 2%
  • Replaceable 0.3" (8mm) threaded measurement electrode pins

Model RH490 Precision Hygro-Thermometer

    Measurement Ranges:
    • Temperature: -4 to 500°F (-20 to 260°C)
    • Humidity: 0 to 100%RH
    • Dew Point: -22 to 199°F (-30 to 100°C)
    • Wet Bulb: 32 to 176°F (0 to 80°C)
    • Absolute Humidity: 0 to 1120GPP (0 to 160g/kg)
    • Less than 30 second RH response time with 2%RH accuracy

    Supplied in an attractive storage case that provides protection and organization for the testers whenever they are needed.

    Price: $439.99

    (Member Price: $426.80)

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