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CERTI NEHA-NRPP Radon Measurement - Entry Level

Micro has partnered with the Center for Environmental Research & Technology, Inc. to offer this exceptional Radon course. This course fulfills the educational requirements for certification and continuing education with NEHA-NRPP. You'll find this course to be comprehensive in preparing you for your career as a certified radon professional, as well as convenient for taking the certification exam. This format has been proven to be extremely successful, with an over 92% passage rate on the national Certification Exam.

This course is appropriate for individuals planning to place and retrieve radon measurement devices and for the Responsible Party for an Analytical Laboratory. It is also the pre-requisite for the Radon Mitigation Course. You will learn about the health risks of radon, factors that influence radon measurements, basic radon measurement techniques, common measurement devices, and a brief overview of radon mitigation methods. All of which is presented in a manner making it applicable to your business and providing you with practical, useful information.

Course includes:

  • Audio Instruction and Interviews
  • Online Videos and Resources
  • Online Course Manuals
  • Online Quizzes
  • Downloadable Course Certificates

Certification Exam:

Course fee does NOT include the $100 Exam Fee, payable when you register for your exam. The national certification exam is available online through LaserGrade. You simply register with LaserGrade, find the closest site to you, and schedule your exam. Register for Exam through LaserGrade Central Registration: 800-211-2754.

  • Cost: $100 payable by credit card at time of registration
  • Take the exam at the site in your area
  • Bring a valid photo ID
  • Exam results will be immediately available

The educational requirements for becoming licensed as a radon investigator vary greatly from state to state as follows:

  • 46 states have no restrictions on education, so our program is acceptable in all 46.
  • The following states have restrictions and DO NOT accept distance education as acceptable training:

    • Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, and Ohio.

Price: $325.00

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