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RESNET HESP e-Learning Course

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This 16-hour HESP e-Learning course will prepare you for the RESNET HESP Certification Exam. The course is divided into 10 sessions and covers all the foundational building energy and construction science to begin a career as a home energy professional. A Home Energy Survey Professional (HESP) is qualified to conduct a walk-through assessment of the general energy performance problems and make basic recommendations for improvements or further analysis.

Includes Everything You Need!

  • Online Course Tuition
  • Residential Energy Textbook
  • Course Study Guide
  • Practice Exam Questions
  • RESNET Exam Fee
  • Annual Provider Certification Fee (for year one)

Begin the online course immediately and take up to 45 days to complete. When finished, we will arrange for you to take the HESP Exam with a qualified proctor in your area.

NOTE: This course also serves as the first part (16 of the 34 hours) of the BPI Analyst curriculum and the first 2-days of HERS Rater training.

Topics covered include:

  • Minimum Home Energy Survey inspected features and report requirements
  • Basics of heat transfer concepts, Building performance testing and Air distribution leakage
  • Calculating gross and net areas
  • Definitions, Energy terminology and Energy Units
  • Basic Combustion Appliance concerns
  • Basics of envelope leakage, thermal bypass and thermal bridging
  • Determining envelope insulation, quality and recommended levels by climate zone
  • Determining HVAC, appliance and window/door efficiencies
  • Determining shading and building orientation characteristics
  • Determining thermal boundaries
  • The House as a System - Basics of measure interaction, expected life and bundling for optimal performance

Course Materials Include:

  • The course textbook, Residential Energy by Krigger and Dorsi
  • Bulleted Study Guide
  • Practice exam questions
  • Applicable RESNET Standards

Who should take this course:

  • Home inspectors, home repair or construction contractors, those interested in a new career.

Prerequisite Requirements:

  • None; some knowledge of residential construction practices is beneficial

Tuition/Exams/Certification Fees:

  • Tuition ($399), Residential Energy textbook ($55), RESNET Exam Fee ($50), RESNET Provider Certification Fee for the First Year ($150) - DISCOUNTED TOTAL of $599.

Home Energy Team Institute Success Guarantee:

  • If you fail to pass your certification exam(s) for any reason, you can retake our course curriculum* at no additional charge until you achieve a passing grade.

Price: $599.00

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